ansell edge nitrile gloves المصنعة في تايلاند اليوم الصور

لدينا مصنعنا الخاص في نانجينغ ، الصين. من بين العديد من الشركات التجارية ، نحن خيارك الأفضل والشريك التجاري الجدير بالثقة تمامًا.

حجم الشركة التونسية للملاحة: 32 * 25.5 * 25.3 سم
المادة النشطة: 17٪ -19٪ ، رغوة عالية / رغوة منخفضة
الشهادات: ISO9001 ISO14001 SGS
قدرة العرض: 200000 طن سنويا
MOQ: 1 وعاء
شحن: الشحن البحري والجوي مقبول
OEM/ODM: متوفرة
سعر: الاتصال عبر الإنترنت

Gloves - Ansell- ansell edge nitrile gloves المصنعة في تايلاند اليوم الصور ,MICROFLEX ® Nitron One ® NO-123. Powdered Nitrile Disposable Glove. TouchNTuff® 69-210. TouchNTuff ® 69-210. Powder-Free, Disposable Latex Glove. MICROFLEX® CE5-512. MICROFLEX ® CE5-512. Clean Latex Glove with Textured Fingers, Compatible with Class 100 (ISO 5) Environments. MICROFLEX® UltraSense® US-220.Edge Powder Free Nitrile Gloves - GlovenationEdge Powder Free Nitrile Gloves. AmerCare. Rated 4.8 out of 5. 81 Reviews Based on 81 reviews. Click to go to reviews. Edge Powder Free Nitrile Gloves. Case of 1,000. Item #: 8099. $172.00.

ANSELL Nitrile, Disposable Gloves, M, Powder-Free, 4.3 mil ...

Nitrile gloves are generally thinner and more tactile than vinyl and latex gloves, while maintaining strength. Powder-free, general purpose disposable gloves provide basic hand protection against non-hazardous materials and do not have a powder coating inside the glove, reducing the risk of allergic reactions and contamination.

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Gloves - Ansell

TouchNTuff ® DermaShield™ 73-701. Sterile Disposable Neoprene Glove with Low Allergy Potential. TouchNTuff® 93-250. TouchNTuff ® 93-250. Dark Grey Disposable Nitrile Glove with Ansell Grip™ Technology. BioClean™ Advance BASL. BioClean™ Advance BASL. Sterile Latex Cleanroom Glove. TouchNTuff® 83-500.

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ANSELL Nitrile, Disposable Gloves, S, Powder-Free, 3.9 mil ...

Glove Length 12 in. Glove Texture Location Smooth. Powdered/Powder-Free Powder-Free. Sterile/Non-Sterile Non-Sterile. Palm Thickness 3.9 mil. Technical Specs Feedback. Nitrile powder-free cleanroom gloves are disposable and provide high resistance to puncture, tearing, and abrasion, and resistance to accidental chemical splash.

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Ansell - Edge

EDGE ®: Dependable, Functional and Affordable Solution.. For workers who rely on consistent quality industrial gloves to protect them from workplace risks and do their job more effectively, EDGE® by Ansell industrial work gloves are a dependable, functional and affordable solution.

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EDGE® 82-134 - Ansell

Sensitivity plus durability for all around protection. Key Features and Benefits. Lightweight construction for tactile sensitivity and fine motor control. High quality nitrile formulation provides enhanced resistance against rips and tears. Designed for a broad range of applications across industries. Silicone free for added product protection.

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